Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to Write Select Statement in Teradata

How to Write Select Statement in Teradata
#How to Write Select Statement in Teradata:
How to write SELECT statement in Teradata


Student_ID  Last_Name  First_Name  Class_Code  Grade_Pt
    423400  Larkins    Michael     FR             0.00
    125634  Hanson     Henry       FR             2.88
    280023  McRoberts  Richard     JR             1.90
    260000  Johnson    Stanley      ?                ?
    231222  Wilson     Susie       SO             3.80
    234121  Thomas     Wendy       FR             4.00
    324652  Delaney    Danny       SR             3.35
    123250  Phillips   Martin      SR             3.00
    322133  Bond       Jimmy       JR             3.95
    333450  Smith      Andy        SO             2.00

SQL Query

SELECT First_Name
FROM    Student_Table ;

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