Monday, 17 August 2015

New features in Teradata 14 (1 of 2)

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Teradata 14.0 new features.

  • It is columnar database
  • New security features added
  • Enhanced capability in workload and system management
  • Compression
  • Temporal tables
  • TTU 14 (Teradata tools and utilities) compatible with previous relaeses
  • TASM(Teradata workload manager only supports with version 12
  • Teradata  query director is not available in TU 14.0. It is replaced by Teradata unity
  • TTU 14.0 now supports, Redhat 6X, Zo/s 1.12, Zos 1.13, AIX 7.1 and Solaris 11
  • Support for the following Os are dropped- HP-UX11.11, Redhat Linux Advaned server 3.0, Windows 2000, Linux SUSE9, Solaris 8
New Application program interfaces
  • Teradata CLIV2-ODBC driver for Teradata- Teradata JDBC driver
  • OLEDB provider for Teradata-Teradata pre processor 2, .Net provider for Teradata
  • Support libraraies-ICU-Tera GSS
  • End user utilities- Teradata SQL assist - BTEQ
  • Load and Unload utilities- Teradata parallel transporter
  • Stand alone utilities- Fast load, Fast export, MultiLoad and Tpump
  • Developer Tools- Supports IDE Eclipse, Visual Studio

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