Teradata Parsing Engine Details

parsing engine
You may think that Teradata is super faster in handling data requests. The background is Parsing engine. It handles efficiently. I have given complete functions to your read now. 

Basic functionalities of Teradata Parsing Engine
    • It handles session control
    • Logon/Logoff
    • Managing Session
    • BYNET
    • AMP
      Other functions
      • Acts like parser
      • Parse and Optimize SQL requests
      • Dispatching optimized plan to AMPs over BYNET
      • Send Query result back to requesting client
      • Responsible for Hashing data
      Flow diagram:

      Session control --> Parser --> Optimizer--> Dispatcher
      • Locally couples SMP Nodes in multi node system
      • Carries message between AMPs and PEs
      • Communication between nodes -point to point broadcast
      • Merges answer sets back to PE
      Performs DB and file management operations:
      • - Finding requested rows
      • - LOCKS
      • - Sorting
      • - Joins
      • - Output data conversion
      • -Accounting/Journaling


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