Monday, 23 November 2015

Teradata Parsing Engine Real Working Principle Details

parsing engine
You may think that Teradata is super faster in handling data requests. The background is Parsing engine. It handles effeciently. I have given complete functions to your read now.
Basic functionalities of Teradata Parsing Engine
    • It handles session control
    • Logon/Logoff
    • Managing Session
    • BYNET
    • AMP
      Other functions
      • Acts like parser
      • Parse and Optimize SQL requests
      • Dispatcjing optimized plan to AMPs over BYNET
      • Send Query result back to requesting client
      • Responsible for Hashing data
      Flow diagram:

      Session control --> Parser --> Optimizer--> Dispatcher
      • Locally couples SMP Nodes in multi node system
      • Carries message between AMPs and PEs
      • Communication between nodes -point to point broadcasr
      • Merges answer sets back to PE
      Performs DB and file management operations:
      • - Finding requested rows
      • - LOCKS
      • - Sorting
      • - Joins
      • - Output data conversion
      • -Accounting/Journaling

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