12 Frequently Used File Control Commands in BTEQ utility

file control commands

The below list shows ultra frequently used commands in BTEQ utility.

DEFAULTS: Reset all BTEQ format command options to their defaults. This will utilize the default configurations

ECHOREQ - Enable the Echo required function in BTEQ returing a copy of each Teradata SQL request and BTEQ command to the standard output stream

EXPORT - Open a file with a specific format to transfer information directly from the Teradata database.

IMPORT - Open a file with a specific format to import information into Teradata

INDICDATA - One of multiple data mode options for data selected from Teradata. The modes are INDICDATAFIELD or RECORD MODE

OS - Execute an MS-DOS, PC-DOS or Unix command inside BTEQ

QUIET -Limit BTEQ output displays to all error messages and request processing statistics

REPEAT - Submit the next request a certain amount of times

RUN - Execute Teradata SQL requests and BTEQ commnads directly from a specified run file

TSO - Execute an MVS TSO command from inside the BTEQ environment


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