How best You can use Teradata data mover

How best You can use Teradata data mover
Top advantages of Teradata data mover in data warehousing projects. An End-to-End Management Solution. Before going in detail you can refresh All You Need to Know About Teradata Architecture.
  • You can also integrate data movement within your comprehensive ecosystem management and load jobs and automate. 
  • Teradata Data Mover for your production execution needs. 
  • That’s because the utility can be tightly integrated with Teradata Multi-System Manager for end-to-end management of changes to your environment. 

The utility works with Teradata Multi System Manager to support these commands and status messages:

  • Send event for the start of a job. 
  • Send event for end of a job. 
  • Send event for a job in progress. 
  • And Teradata Data Mover can be integrated with load process to copy data to a second system.That means you can copy data from an EDW to a data mart as soon as the data are loaded into the EDW. 
  • Teradata Data Mover also provides safeguards to force the direction of data movement and eliminate any possibility of copying data in the wrong direction. 
  • Teradata Data Mover not only copies data, but reduces operational cost and complexity and improves your overall data management capabilities by copying an array of objects, including Tables, PPI tables Global Temp Tables, Tables with LOB columns, Statistics, Triggers, Join indexes, Hash indexes, Tables with UDT columns, and Users. 

Best example for Teradata data mover

  1. For example, you may have a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse serving as an EDW, a Teradata Extreme Data Warehouse for deep history web click analysis, and Teradata Data Mart Appliance as a test and development system. 
  2. As part of your critical ongoing maintenance, you must be able to move or copy data from one system to another. 
  3. Teradata Data Mover simplifies data movement and enable process automation, control, and monitoring. It also provides a point-and-click user interface to enable powerful data movement commands. 
  4. Teradata Data Mover offers you a complete solution to improve your processes and reduce the cost involved in maintaining the analytical ecosystem. 
  5. Take advantage of its scope of data movement technologies and breath of control mechanisms. 
  6. Whether it’s event-driven for automatically moving newly loaded data or ad-hoc DBA-initiated copies for exception processing. Teradata Data Mover gives you the power and flexibility to strengthen your analytical environment and deliver even more value from your data.


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